Our Mission, Our Community

The Box Elder Family Support Center's mission is "Strengthening Families Now and For the Future." Our purpose is to support families with young children to prevent the occurrence and/or re-occurrence of child abuse and family conflict.

We know child abuse and neglect is preventable! We cite the Adverse Childhood Study (ACEstudy.org) as our reference for the basis of our work with families. The study, done by Kaiser Permanente and the Center for Disease and Control CDC, shows a direct correlation between adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and many social diseases and disabilities that Box Elder families suffer from.

To address these risk factors that families face, we opened our doors in Brigham City Utah in February 1995 with two programs: a Crisis and Respite Nursery and Parent Advocate Program. The crisis and respite nursery is designed to give families a safe place for children ages 0-11 to prevent exposing them to any adverse experiences the family might be dealing with at the time. This could include a crisis as big as a medical emergency or as small as needing a break from the children to regenerate. Our Parent Advocate Program, which has evolved into a Family Life Education Program dovetails with the nursery to support the family through education and awareness that includes formal classroom instruction and in-home classes. In 2009, we began delivering these services to both women and men in the Box Elder County Jail.

We added the Family Therapy Program in 1997, to provide families a clinical service for support and psychoeducation. This program is free to any family in BE County with children ages 0-18 years old that do not have Medicaid or private mental health insurance.

In 2014, we partnered with other non-profits in the community to open a second Family Support Center in Garland Utah. At this site, we offer a crisis nursery and family therapy services.

And in 2016, we created yet another program designed to offer families on-site case management services while using our nursery if necessary. In this program, we assist people with employment searches, applications and other types of concrete supports to mediate family crisis. Our Center also offers a lending library that is available to any resident of Box Elder County. For community outreach we offer a Speaker's Bureau to any community organization in the county seeking knowledge about our center or family issues.

Further, we provide families free diapers, wipes and toilet paper as well as partner with LDS Social Services with their DI Voucher Program. We facilitate an internship program that has mentored students ranging from high school to graduate school. We also assist with family members that require community service hours in some cases.

All of our services are free and available to families from all cultures, religions, races, and income levels.

Child abuse and family conflict are not only devastating to our community it costs our community! Our multifaceted approach to combating child abuse and family conflict have been shown to assist in the prevention of abuse and violence. Prevention of this type for families has a high return on investment because it is an investment in our most precious resource- our human resources.

Meet Our Team

Brigham City

Katy Bonds
Executive Director

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Katy Bonds

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Katy Bonds

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Katy Bonds - Executive Director

Katy Bonds
Executive Director

Maria Escobedo - Case Manager

Maria Escobedo
Office Manager

Samantha Desmarais - Bookkeeper

Samantha Desmarais
Book Keeper

Jill Scharrenberg - Nursery Director

Jill Scharrenberg
Nursery Director & Family Educator


Jamie Gleed
Nursery Coordinator

Jillian Bailey - Caregiver

Jillian Bailey

Wendy Lowry - Caregiver

Wendy Lowry


Stacielee Musil - Nursery Director

Stacielee Musil
Nursery Director

Gwen Rupp - Caregiver

Gwen Rupp

Shelbie Merrell - Caregiver

Shelbie Merrell